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Data Processing Information

Last revised: May 2020


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Welcome to our website, dear visitor.
We are required by law to provide you with detailed information on both scope and purpose of the collection of your data in the course of your usage of our website as well as your corresponding rights.
The following information applies to the data
processing activities of Felke Institute e. K.

1. Name and Contact Information of the Controller

Joachim Geiger
Felke Institute e. K.
Benzstraße 8
D-70839 Gerlingen
Phone: +49 (0) 7156-927744
Fax: +49 (0) 7156-4379160
E-mail: infofelke-institutde
Website: https://www.felke-institut.de

Data Protection

The collection and use of your data will be strictly governed by the German Federal Data Protection Act and the German Telemedia Law as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
We are firmly committed to keeping your personal data confidential and will therefore strictly adhere to all statutory boundaries. Whenever possible your personal data will be collected on a voluntary basis only. Furthermore, we will not disclose your personal data to third parties without your express consent. Using SSL encryption, we are able to ensure a high level of security for particularly sensitive information, e.g. those transmitted for the purpose of payment transactions or any of your enquiries towards us. We would like to point out the general risks inherent to the use of the Internet which are outside our sphere of influence. E-mails in particular will require additional precautionary measures to prevent your data from being read by third parties.


This website will occasionally use so-called cookies. These cookies will not harm your computer in any way and do not contain viruses. Cookies merely serve to improve the user-friendliness, effectiveness and safety of our online services. They are small text files stored by your browser on your computer. We mostly employ “session cookies”. These will be deleted automatically after your visit. Other cookies will remain stored on your device until you delete them. These cookies enable us to recognize your browser at your next visit.

We only use technically necessary cookies from our own server on our website, which enable the function and operation of our website (first party cookies). We do not use any services or third-party applications that set cookies (third party cookies), such as tracking and analysis tools, affiliate services, remarketing services, retargeting services, social media plugins, video embedding applications, scalable centralized measurement methods (SZM), or online map services such as Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps.

You may alter the settings of your browser to inform you about any cookies that might be used which, in turn, will enable you to accept cookies in individual cases only and to decline cookies in certain instances or in general. These settings will further allow you to automatically delete cookies once you close your browser. However, declining cookies may impair the functionality of this website.

Server Log Files

The website provider will automatically collect and store information in so-called server log files which will be automatically transmitted to us by your browser. The following information will be transmitted: Browser type and version, operating system, referrer URL, host name of the accessing computer, and time of the server request. This information will not be attributable to any specific individual. Neither will it be merged with other sources of data. However, we reserve the right to retroactively verify these data if we have reasonable suspicion of illegal use.

Access, Erasure, Restriction

You have the right to request free of charge access to your personal data stored by us as well as to enquire source, recipient, and purpose of the data collection and processing at any time. Moreover, you have the right to request your personal data to be rectified, made unavailable or erased. Please direct all questions or requests as to the rectification, unavailability and erasure of your personal data to the address listed in our »impress« section.


On our website you may choose to subscribe for our newsletter. To this end, we will require your e-mail address. Additionally, we are required by law to verify your ownership of the provided e-mail address and your intention to receive our newsletter. We will therefore collect the information necessary for this verification. The information collected for this purpose will enable us to send the newsletter and enable you to receive it. They will not be used for any other purpose and not be disclosed to third parties. We will collect no other information than those required for sending our newsletter. Sending and receiving our newsletter will require your consent. You will therefore have the right to withdraw your consent to the collection and storage of your data at any time without giving any reason whatsoever. To this end, please use the link »unsubscribe« in our newsletter.

Contact Form

If you make use of our contact form to send enquiries, all information and contact data entered by you to this end will be stored by us for the purpose of processing your enquiry and potential follow-up questions on our part. These data will not be disclosed to others without your consent.

Personal Data

For we are committed to following the principles of data avoidance and data minimisation, we will collect data only to the extent and for the duration required either for the use of our website or by law. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Therefore, the collection and processing of your personal data will be strictly governed by all statutory provisions and this data protection policy. Should the reason underlying the respective collection of data or the statutory storage period expire, the collected data will either be made unavailable or erased. Regular use of our website without the disclosure of personal information is possible. Any of your personal data, such as your name, address and e-mail address, will be collected on a voluntary basis only. Without your express consent we will not disclose your data to any third party. However, please note that a general protection of data on the Internet cannot be guaranteed. E-mails in particular pose a risk to all data transmitted.

Data Protection Policy Regarding PayPal

The controller has integrated PayPal components into this website. PayPal is a provider of online payment services. Payments will be made between different PayPal accounts. These are virtual accounts in either private or commercial hand. Alternatively, users without a PayPal account may use their credit card to effect payments via PayPal. Instead of traditional account numbers PayPal accounts use the owner’s e-mail address. PayPal users can both authorize and receive online payments to or from third parties, respectively. PayPal further acts as trustee and offers purchase protection. The company operating PayPal in Europe is PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. & Cie. S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, 2449 Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

The data of all data subjects choosing PayPal as payment provider will be automatically disclosed to PayPal. By choosing this method of payment, the data subject provides their consent to the transmission of their personal information required for the respective transaction.

The personal data transmitted to PayPal will include first name, last name, address, e-mail address, IP address, phone number, mobile phone number, and other relevant data required to conduct the payment transaction in question. However, in order to fulfil the sales contract, the personal data related to the respective order will be required as well. The data will be transmitted for the purpose of executing the transaction and preventing fraud. As a rule, the controller will disclose personal data to PayPal for any of its legitimate interests. As the case may be, PayPal may disclose the personal data exchanged between it and the controller to consumer reporting agencies. Any such disclosure serves to verify both identity and creditworthiness. PayPal will disclose personal data to affiliated companies, service providers or sub-contractors to the extent necessary to fulfil the contract or to process the data on behalf of the controller. Each data subject shall have the right to notify PayPal of their objection to such processing of their personal data. However, any such objection will not apply to those personal data which will have to be processed, used or disclosed mandatorily for the purpose of conducting the (contractual) payment transaction. For PayPal’s privacy statement go to https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full.

SSL Encryption

This website uses SSL encryption both for safety reasons and to protect the transmission of your confidential information, such as your enquiries to us as website operator. Encrypted connections use “https://” instead of “http://” in your address bar. In addition, your address bar will display a lock symbol to represent encrypted connections. SSL encryption will prevent third parties from reading your data transmitted to us.

Objection to Advertising E-Mails

Applicable law requires us to include our contact information in our legal notice. However, this information can be used to send unsolicited advertising and promotional materials and information to us. We hereby expressly object to any kind of unsolicited advertising and promotional materials being sent to us. Furthermore, we reserve the right to take legal action against unsolicited and unwanted advertising and promotional materials sent to us, including but not limited to spam e-mails, letters and faxes. Please note that the unauthorized sending of advertising and promotional materials may constitute offences under applicable competition, civil and/ or criminal law.



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