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About the Felke Institute

… in existence since 1984

A warm Welcome to all …


My name is Joachim Geiger.  Some of you who have been in contact with or at previous trainings of The Felke Institute know me already. I have been business director of the Felke Institute since 1989 and became proprietor in 2003 in order to bring the amazing value of Iridology to the practice of medicine for generations to come.


At this point I would like to present a quick look into the history of the Felke Institute, Iridology in general and some of its creators.



If you have any suggestions for improving our standards, please let us know.


We hope you will enjoy the Iridology.

The Name


The Felke Institute was named after the famous natural healer Pastor Immanuel Felke (1856 – 1926).  He was one of several people responsible for the systematic development of Iridology in Germany. If you would like more information on the historical perspective of Iridology, please see our literature list.

The Roots


Just before Josef Deck’s death in 1990, his Institute for Fundamental Research, which had done some of the pioneer work in Iridology, was merged into The Felke Institute.  The Felke Institute has continued with and expanded on this important work and has also continued with the yearly Iridology Congress begun by Josef Deck in 1954 at Ettlingen Castle.

The Founder


The Felke Institute was founded in 1984 by Willy Hauser (born in 1937).  He remains one of the most important and innovative present day German Iridologists. Willy Hauser was a student of Josef Deck (1914-1990) another important figure in the development of German Iridology.

Our Goals

The goals of The Felke Institute are to:


Make Iridology Relevant to the practice

User Friendly and above all

Methodical and Serious

To Synergize and understand various schools of thought

Creating Standardized curricula that allow

New discoveries in the field through research

To Promote and expand the use of Iridology

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