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What is Iridology?

The term Iridology can be translated as the study of the Iris.  Technically speaking it deals with the interpretation of specific structures, colors and other phenomena of the Iris as reflex mapping for the whole body.

But today Iridology implies also the interpretation of related structures and parts of the eye.  Iridology gives us the tools to see disease potential in the body (from genetic weakness) and recognize metabolic individuality.  This vital information can lead us to explore further diagnostic testing and/or therapeutic intervention.  Above all, Iridology is useful in preventative medicine. The key is recognizing and treating an organ weakness or function before it has manifested clinically as a disease.


Because no actual diagnosis can be made of the eye except in terms of a strict ophthalmological examination by an eye specialist, the terms Iris Diagnosis or Eye Diagnosis are no longer in favour.

Overview through Insight

There is truly no other diagnostic professional like the Iridologist capable of seeing into the genetic weakness of a person, or who is able to recognize metabolic individuality with such a simple and non-invasive method.  The strength of Iridology is in being able to recommend an appropriate preventative therapy out of these insights and therefore includes the entire area of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology.

Today our health systems struggle under enormous financial pressures, diagnostic quality deteriorates, and in health services we see a class system forming.  Iridology, previously seen as an outsider method now takes on a vital and pivotal role as genetic research comes to the forefront of modern medicine. With its relatively simple methods of seeing genetic strengths and weaknesses and its cost: benefit ratio, Iridology stands on the threshold of a resurgence and complementary partnership.
In this regard the well-schooled Iridologist has a huge role to play in treating chronic, psycho-somatic and therapy resistant conditions.

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