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Professional Training in Iridology

Practical Training on the Iris Microscope

Much emphasis is placed on practical training sessions. With expert direction you will have opportunities to practice a well-structured Iris analysis using a special Iris Microscope and will learn how to assess this information.

If you have already taken our Introductory Course in Iridology or have otherwise attained a sound knowledge in another way, then this workshop is an important addition. Prerequisite is good foundation knowledge in Iridology.

1. Introduction
2. Iris Analysis Demonstration
3. Group Work on the Microscope
4. Discussion of the work on the Microscope
5. Developing a Therapy Concept

After a concise reminder of steps in an Iris Analysis, we get right into practical group work on the microscope.

Participants will develop a personal Iris Analysis under professional supervision, guidance and care. Discussion of group work is the next step.

At this point, further diagnostic techniques and therapeutic possibilities will be discussed.
Every participant will be given valuable photos of his or her own eyes.

Practical Work with High Quality Microscopes

There exist phenomena within the iris which can have various meanings, depending on their depth within the iris layers or on their position on the surface of the iris. This can only be recognized by the stereoscopic effect when looking through a microscope.

A usual photo reduces structures on one layer and doesn’t permit a clear diagnosis.

Therefore, we use from time to time expensive 3 D photography during the seminars in order to receive a more realistic picture before going on with the work at the microscopes.

It goes without saying that we provide for enough high quality microscopes and that we explain to every participant how such a microscope is used correctly.

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